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Best Medic Gun Battlefield 1

The damage model is similar to the other rifles. M1907 SL Sweeper Having a good all-rounder weapon as a medic is the key to flexibility.

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This is one of the most overpowered combos in Battlefield 1 right now.

Best medic gun battlefield 1. The Autoloading 835 is the best 1v1. Battlefield 1 offers a variety of weapon options for each class so that players can select the best gun for their play style. Best Medic Class gun.

Both the marksman and factory variants. You can basically take down multiple enemies without having to reload. A shotgun of your choice M97 Model 10-A or Hellfighter will work Gas Grenades P08 Pistol.

It can be difficult for a newer player to determine which guns are the best to choose even when divided into four class types. The M1907 is one of the best Medic guns for close range. Selbstlader M1916 is in our opinion the best Medic Weapon in Battlefield 1.

This guide will help players narrow down the best guns in Battlefield 1. The first thing youll notice is the 26-bullet magazine. The medic has some of the best weaponry avaliable in Battlefield 1 with alot of options.

Striking the best balance between excellent innate stats and skill expression the M1928A1 known as the Thompson the best Medic weapon in the game. So in this article we will slim it down to the best rifle there is. Because they never know when to go gung-ho in.

Heres my Top 6 Battlefield 1 Medic Weapons that Id consider either my favourites or just generally the Medics best g. Perino Model 1908 LMG -. The recoil pattern takes a bit of getting used to and the hip fire is pretty bad but if youre a decent shot its a very worth while weapon.

The Selbstalder 1906 is a great weapon in general since its pretty much always a 2-3 shot kill. On the other classes I always have a favorite weapon but in the medic class I cant decide which weapon suits me best since all the weapons are so similar. The absolute BEST weapons for the Medic class in Battlefield 1.

Watch to find out which weapons to use at certain ranges and why some are better than others. The Autoloading 825 or Federov are the best spray and pray guns. It has the same RPM as the 1906 and kills in 3 bullets in close range only up to 25 meters but.

You guys asked for me to rank every Medic Gun in BF1 from worst to best so here we are. Die Waffen-Wahl beim Sanitäter ist darauf ausgelegt Euch schnell aus einer misslichen Lage zu befreien falls der Gegner Euch zu nahe kommt. Best Guns Medic.

Most SLRs are really good it all depends on what you want to do. At first it starts off with 20 rounds in the magazine. Guns Id avoid are the Farquhar Storm and Mondragon Storm there are better guns for sub 54m engagements and neither are particularly good for ranges past that the 1916 factory is another one to avoid.

Selbstlader deals 40 damage maximum at 26 meters. Hope you guys enjoy. General Liu Rifle - Carrying a capacity of 6 rounds this bolt-action rifle is for the Medic only.

Not that much really when you account for its fire rate of 720rpm. Battlefield 1 Best Guns Guide Maxim SMG Prototype - This 80-round capacity sub machine gun is an exclusive weapon for the Assault class. Id like to know the opinion of all my fellow soldiers on this regard.

I like the Autoloader 825 for close range maps and if. Beste Waffe für SanitäterMedic in Battlefield 1. DMost N00B friendly gun.

The Howell Automatic is the most versatile medic gun.

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